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VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Add usable storage and living space at a fraction of the cost of additions.

Do you have a damp, musty area in your basement that you would rather be hiding?

Investing in your home by solving your wet basement problem is a smart move. A 10-20% loss of value in a home is common because of water in a basement. A wet basement can waste an entire level of your home, space that could be used for storage or extra living space. Ruined finished basements, damaged stored items and appliances are all a result of wet basements. It makes no sense to live in a home with an unusable wet basement or a flooded basement (even once in a while). Better Basements can explain different basement systems and provide a permanent solution!


Basement that was done with our basement waterproofing in Des Moines

If it happened once, it will happen again…

With Better Basements, you can be utilizing that extra space to add value to your home!

Foundation problems including water intrusion, wall & floor cracks, bowed walls, sinking & settling foundations, just to name a few, will not fix themselves if left alone. Without Better Basements to permanently fix this problem with basement waterproofing, history will repeat itself & continue to make your basement area wasted potential living & storage space. Better Basement’s patented waterproofing products are designed to be customized to any basement situation. All basements are not created equal, foundation walls differ from house to house, as do basement flooring & even the general layout of a basement may be cause for special attention. For this reason, the same-standard waterproofing system does not always hold the answer. Better Basements is the only waterproofing/ foundation repair company that has the technology to customize a basement waterproofing system designed to fit every your basement. A dry, usable basement will increase the value of a home.