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Movement or bowing is a common issue with block walls in a basement. Most foundation damage occurs slowly, over time and typically isn’t noticed by home owners until a major crack or obvious wall movement is seen and, without a doubt, a foundation repair service is needed! Ground movement, moisture, expansive soils and or large tree roots, can be the cause. Take some time to go into your basement and get familiar with the area. Use common sense and some simple maintenance and you could prevent a major foundation repair issue. It’s not easy to determine whether a crack in is okay or needs service. A knowledge of the type of construction of the home and a history of the basement is necessary. Often to determine whether it’s a good or bad crack, any movement over 1/2″ could be a sign of a serious issue where foundation repair services are needed. When extreme damage has been done, basement foundation repair may be the best and only option! The Crew at Better Basements can examine your basement for any foundation repair issues and offer a professional, permanent solution.

Poured Foundation Walls or Block Walls

In Des Moines, IA and surrounding areas foundation walls which are most common are poured walls and block walls. Block walls are very strong when holding up the weight of a house or similar structure. When horizontal pressure is forced upon a block wall, the wall has less strength and can bow and crack. The foundation repair service which Better Basement suggests would be to install our Power Brace system. The braces give the block wall(s) superior strength and will not allow further bowing.
In recent years poured concrete foundation walls have been used in new home construction. They provide strength against horizontal pressure and have no problems supporting the weight of a home or similar structure. In newer construction groves are often cut into the poured walls to allow for weather related and expected shrinking and hair line cracks that occur in all concrete walls. The groves allow the cracks to occur in a controlled fashion.
Remember: the #1 threat against any basement is water. Keep yourself familiar with your basement, use common sense. If something looks out of whack, it probably is. Contact the professionals at Better Basements to give you a thorough evaluation of your basement foundation repair needs!

*Some information came from; Inspection News & Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors. Tom Feiza