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When you first move into a new home, chances are there are many changes you and your family want to make. It can be simple jobs like repainting, or more complex jobs like changing an entire room through DIY basement remodeling.

You can get the man cave of your dreams without needing to call for outside help. The amount of fixing is up to you (and what condition your home is in to begin with), but here are a few ideas to get you started with your own remodel.

Insulating the Basement

First, and most importantly, is ensuring that you have a finished basement. Without one, you will not be able to maintain temperatures or make it a livable area. Insulating and finishing, while not simple, are not impossible to be done by DIYers who know their way around insulation and have the right power tools (or can at least borrow them).

Which Furniture to Add for the Right Look

Is your man cave going to focus on gaming? Music and entertainment? Parties? Whatever the purpose of your basement, there are plenty of furniture choices to make to get it as close to your idea as possible. The key to any man cave is the couch. You cannot have a good man cave without a large couch that can handle the abuse of jumping up and down during sports games and everything else.

Once the couch is figured out, chairs are just as important when parties are being hosted. Having to find random chairs around the home is not the best move. Instead, having plenty of welcoming chairs and bar stools is a great way to give everyone a place to sit. For a more playful feel, bean bag chairs work well too.

Cabinets are also important to think about. With a bar, plentiful cabinets for food and drink are vital. But even without a bar, it is a good idea to have some cabinetry stocked with food. Any cabinetry for holding physical media like music and Blu Rays needs to fit with the style of the room as well. An old 80s wooden entertainment center surrounded by modern equipment will be an eyesore.

Necessary Appliances

No man cave is complete without the right technology to make it worth spending time there. The media center is undoubtedly the centerpiece of most man caves. A big TV to match the large couch is a necessity.

A good surround sound stereo system is also a great choice. When your man cave is big enough to include a bar, this is a great way to enhance the party feel for any occasion. A mini fridge and microwave will be enough to keep everyone filled with drinks and snacks.

It only takes a few friends and some research, and you can complete DIY basement remodeling soon after you move into your new home. By taking into consideration size, the overall look, and what individual pieces are must-haves, it will become a great space that is used for special occasions and ordinary days alike.