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Houses with basements offer homeowners a good deal of living and storage options, but an ill-maintained basement also raises the danger of health woes and compromises in the house’s structural integrity. This warrants a need to fix issues on both internal and external basement walls, most particularly during summer, according to writers Basil Mewes and Dieter Koester in an article for Waterproof! magazine.

Taking Advantage of a Des Moines Summer for Basement Waterproofing
Taking advantage of the summer season for home improvement projects such as waterproofing is something residents of Des Moines, Iowa can appreciate. The clear weather is the window that local homeowners need to get the job done when they’ll otherwise be occupied the rest of the year. As such, you will need the assistance of basement waterproofing professionals such as the crew at Better Basements to arrive at a working solution.


A full inspection of your basement space will be needed to have a grasp of the situation at hand, especially when you’ve felt something wet to the touch many times. Mewes and Koester said that most occurrences of basement leaks occur along walls, large areas and the floor. Changes in the subsurface and hydrostatic pressure may also play a role in cracks developing on the floor itself, especially if the basement was built from concrete.

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In many cases, checking whether things are clear in the basement requires digging out the area around it. Situations involving cracked or sagging basement walls will require taking them down and building a new, reinforced wall in their place as long as efforts are made to stabilize the house level before the work is carried out. Metal support poles will then be erected slightly behind the new walls as additional bracing.

For the insides, it is imperative that the wall joints be given additional strength first. A small moat will then be dug along them and led to a sump pump pit. Any leaks should also be identified and plugged using fast-acting sealants and a special membrane. Once it is done, a Des Moines basement finishing team will then install a vapor barrier to further contain moisture.

A damp basement can be a health and foundation crisis in the making for your house. A professional basement contractor will have the skills to stop it from happening and ease conditions downstairs. Schedule an appointment today.


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