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July 6, 2015 saw heavy rain pour down on most of Iowa, triggering power outages and flooding in many areas. Parts of the state reported 6-inch rain levels, and flash flood warnings were issued early for Story, Jasper and Marshall Counties. In Johnston, automated gauges reported 2.15 inches of rain before 7:45 a.m. A spokeswoman for MidAmerican Energy reported that over a thousand customers experienced loss of electricity for about an hour that morning.
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Flooding in Metro Des Moines

The Iowa Department of Transportation warned of flooding on the east side of Des Moines near the State Fairgrounds at E. 30th Street between the avenues of Dean and Grand. Water had engulfed the road at E.32nd and Dean Avenue, as well as East University Avenue. One resident also reported the presence of water between 56th Street and Merle Hay Road.

Protect your home from floods

Heavy rains and storms can cause severe damage not only to roads, but to homes as well. Water can penetrate basement walls, carpets, floors and foundations pretty fast, and if left unchecked, water in these areas can lead to structural damage as well as the growth of unhealthy mold. Should your basement get flooded after severe weather such as the one recently experienced by the state, it’s imperative to address the issue immediately before it leads to serious damage and foundation repair.

Other causes of flooded basements

Floods and storms aren’t the only culprits in basement flooding. Other causes include foundation drainage failure, blocked or failed sanitary lateral, broken or leaking pipes, hot water tank failure, sewer backup, seepage, clogged gutters, improper downspout extensions and more. Despite the many causes, the outcome is almost always the same: a structurally-compromised home that poses certain risks to the lives of all its inhabitants.

The solution

Make sure your home is ready for severe weather and other causes of basement flooding by obtaining quality basement waterproofing services from established providers like Better Basements. With their services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected from flood water and the many damages that often accompany it.


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