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In Des Moines, there are many companies that offer basement waterproofing services, foundation repair services or both. Having some information of the types of solutions you need can help you select the right company for the job.

Basement waterproofing solutions

Your home’s unique construction and situation, including the type of foundation in place, determines the type of foundation repair solution you need. It is also important to note that a combination of approaches may be necessary in some cases.

Water proofing paint or primer products

A good service provider for basement waterproofing in Des Moines, like Better Basements, should advice against use of waterproofing paint or primer products. This is because sealing basements using this option offers a cosmetic solution instead of a permanent and effective one.

Crack injections

Crack injections are generally best suited for poured concrete foundations where seepage originates from walls. Masonry foundations like cinder block, stone or brick are not ideal candidates.

Foundation repair solutions

Serious structural issues can be caused by foundation movement and settlement. Apart from repairing minor shrinkage cracks with sealants and patches, there are several other solutions on offer.

Sealants and patches

The typical repair for a foundation that has cracked due to shrinkage is sealants or patches. Shrinkage cracks in the slab foundation’s corners are common and usually filled or caulked with hydraulic cement that expands as it dries. Other types of shrinkage cracks can be repaired using products such as masonry repair sealants or epoxy.


This is a process used by contractors to repair sinking foundations. It basically involves the filling up of the space under the slab so that it is able to move back to its original position. Part of the process is drilling of strategically placed holes into the slab’s base and using portable pumps to fill the drilled holes with fly ash, a cement mixture and other additives. This is typically a professional job as it requires specialized knowledge and equipment.

Piering repairs

Piering is also referred to as piling. It uses various types of steel pipe pilings to correct the settlement of a foundation. Push piers are an example of this type of repair. They are sections of epoxy-coated or galvanized steel pipe driven deep into the ground by use of a hydraulic ram.


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