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The cost of new housing is skyrocketing. If moving to a new home doesn’t seem appealing for you now, you can make do with what you have now and turn your basement into an additional living space. Imagine what you can do with the extra living space by transforming your basement: perhaps you can make another room or two for your children or use it as a rental property for additional income to college students.Having a Dry Basement Means Having More Living Space In Your Home
Basement Waterproofing
When you decide to take the leap forward, find a contractor who has experience in basement finishing in DesMoines. If your home foundation is in need of repair or waterproofing, an experienced contractor will present you with options that will fit your needs and your budget.  They can brace crumbling walls or even replace foundation walls. Homes with cracking foundations or water damage due to tree branches or poor drainage can be repaired and will open up new opportunities for you.

If a sump pump is needed to take excess water away from your home, these can be installed easily. There are new configurations to fit any situation. Contractors specializing in basement waterproofing in Des Moines can walk you through whatever is needed to turn your basement into a safe, dry living space available for many uses.

Basement Refinishing
An unfinished basement provides you with a blank slate. What can you do to increase your living space and the value of your home? An experienced contractor can provide you with examples of basements they have refinished. Select floor plans to develop that “man-cave” you’ve always wanted or guest rooms with bath or an even an office or entertainment center. An experienced designer will show you how to utilize the space efficiently to meet your needs and add value to your home.

New flooring, walls, drop ceilings will make the space more inviting. Adding recessed light will give you a new sense of openness. More insulation will prevent the loss of heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer saving you money from your energy bill. Vinyl windows will give you the flexibility of adding fresh air in the spring and fall without the fear of rust and mildew. Many come with a lifetime warranty!

Increase the living space in your home by refinishing your basement. Whether it’s a new office or playroom for your kids, everyone will enjoy having more space to use in your home.


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