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In an article written on March 8, 2012, I discussed different types of cracks in various places in the house and foundation that may signal a sinking foundation. Here are some other signs to look for:

Wall Problems: A sinking house/foundation often have wall problems including curved or bowed walls, water leaking through walls, leaning walls even water stains on walls in the house.

Alignment Problems: This is a noticable sign at windows and door. They ofter will not shutproperly in a sinking house/foundation because the frame has shifted.

Sloping: Sinking houses/foundations will typically have sloping floors. The slope can be either in one direction or in all directions towards a point where the house has sunk the lowest.

Soil & Water: Water that pools around the foundation of your house or soil that seems to seperate away from your house can be signs of a sinking foundation.