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Basement flooding is a real hazard to homeowners. It is a catastrophe that has destroyed thousands of homes, and it can happen to you in your own home, given the time and opportunity. Last June, Iowa experienced heavy rainfall that resulted in a number basement flooding issues statewide.


The heavy rainfall caused some basements and roads to flood in Emmet County, said Terry Reekers, Emmet County Emergency Management Agency coordinator.

The National Weather Service received a report that 3.75 inches of rain fell in Wallingford in Emmet County in two and a half hours.

“It looked like a fog it was raining so hard,” Reekers said Thursday night.

Iowa Highway 4 in Emmet County was closed for several hours due to flooding. It reopened at about 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

Wallingford residents reported flooding in the town, but the town did not have to be evacuated, Reekers said.

Why does basement flooding occur?

You may think that general flooding is the main cause of excess water woes in your home. It’s actually the level of the land around your home. Generally, houses are designed with land sloping away from the home. This is meant to eliminate the danger of basement flooding. However, if by some construction mistake, the land surrounding your home slopes inward, then rainwater will drain into your foundation.

Of course, a poor sealing job is also a factor to basement flooding. If your home’s foundations are not effectively sealed, then water will seep into your foundations—and ultimately into your basement—quite easily. In extreme cases, water may even come up directly through the ground.

The best solution for basement flooding

Every single home with a basement should be protected from flooding by effective waterproofing. To keep water at bay, it would be wise for you to invest in a Des Moines basement waterproofing professional service. With the professional’s expertise, you can have a basement that can sufficiently keep out water for years.

Prevention is better than cure

You should do all you can to prevent basement flooding, because prevention is always better than the having to rely on a cure for the damage, especially when that cure could end up costing you significantly more. Check and maintain your drainage regularly and keep an eye on your surrounding land’s slope. Work with a Des Moines foundation repair and basement flooding professional when you see an imminent problem, or when trouble has already occurred. Keep your home dry and safe from harm.

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