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Primary Purpose

The size of crawl spaces are anywhere from a foot high in older homes to  three feet in modern tract homes. There are vents on each end of the foundation  at ground level. These vents can be opened or closed and allow for air to circulate under the house to eliminate mold and moisture. The crawl space can be large enough for storage or it can provide only enough room to work on pipes and air ducts that run under the house. No matter its  size, it serves many purposes.



Crawl spaces with larger heights are an excellent source of extra storage. Many items that can fit through the trapdoor can be stored underneath the home in a dry environment. The use of storage bins will keep dust off of these items. Common items stored in crawl spaces are seasonal decorations, extra clothing or old kitchen utensils.

Adding Crawl Space Conduit

If your crawl space is large enough for storage, it is advisable to insulate it with a moisture barrier on the floor and walls of the crawlspace. Schedule an inspection with one of our consultants to explain the many benefits of encapsulating your crawl space. A moisture barrier and dehumidifier many times, may be all that’s needed for a dry usable area!

Crawl Space Maintenance

Crawl spaces should be examined yearly for signs of degradation. Chips in the mortar between the blocks, cracking cinder blocks or moisture can lead to  problems in the future. Leaking into the crawl space needs to be examined by a trained professional because it may mean more serious foundation problems.