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Foundation systems are basically where the entire infrastructure is set up to secure the rest of the construction, which come in the form of crawl spaces, slabs, and basements. Basements are probably the most elaborate type often used as storage rooms and dumping areas, but also the most vulnerable to flooding.

How to Spot a Wet Basement.

With enough renovations, basement foundations may be as functional as the rooms above, instead of being dreaded for the musty environment. Basement waterproofing in Des Moines prevents any sort of liquid from seeping into the ground to keep the flooring dry. Meanwhile, skillful plumbing holds the pipes intact to keep the drainage system running.

For problems with basement flooding, contractors like Better Basements have experienced crew members who utilize a waterproofing system called Water Trek Aqua Route technology that can be custom-tailored to resolve any kind of water problem. This patented system retains the water in place on both the floors and walls. Besides waterproofing, these basement contractors also offer basement finishing and foundation repair for an overall underground renovation.

Basements are most susceptible to water damage because it is built through the ground. Inefficient gutters or its improper installation allows the water to overflow rather than drain it to the sewer. Disconnected downspouts or those that are too short may not be able to direct the water away from the house.

Frozen pipes from humid temperatures would eventually corrode and cause water leakage in the system, which will seep into the basement then upstairs. The excess water from defective gutters may also flow towards the interior walls of the house and down to the walling of the basement. Regular maintenance of the drainage system, including downspouts and gutters, is an effective preventive measure from experiencing water problems in the whole house.

Other than plumbing and waterproofing, a Des Moines foundation repair may be accomplished with a few added designs for you to enjoy the benefits of that extra space underground. With all the different wires and pipes to conceal, create a lower ceiling to some areas while leaving enough space to breathe. You may also install an egress window to provide adequate ventilation and for natural light to go inside the basement room.

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