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If you’re putting up with a wet basement, you know what a nightmare it can be. The musty smell that never goes away, the unsightly cracks in floors and walls, and the damage or destruction of rugs, furniture, and other basement contents is costly and embarrassing. Even worse, a wet basement can reduce your property value by as much as 20 percent. In the Des Moines area, where the average existing home sells for just over $174,000, that’s a big price to pay.

Even if basement flooding is minor or only happens occasionally, it’s a huge problem that will never go away on its own. But expert basement waterproofing and foundation repair can increase your home’s value, give you additional living space, and restore your pride and pleasure in your home.

Hiring an experienced basement waterproofing and foundation repair specialist firm can be one of the best renovation projects any homeowner can undertake. A finished basement can significantly increase available living space in your home and make your home more saleable; in fact the return on basement renovation projects is estimated at 50 to 83 percent. But renovation isn’t feasible or even possible unless the basement is completely waterproof.

Addressing the cause of the problem is crucial. Water intrusion, cracked floors, bowed walls and a shifting, settling foundation are all very serious issues that can put the very structure of your home at risk. Issues like these require expert attention. A competent, experienced waterproofing firm will do a thorough inspection, assess the condition of your basement and foundation, and recommend a program of improvements that will not only solve the water problem, but make the necessary structural and repairs and renovations to eliminate the problem permanently.

Attempting to waterproof a basement without solving all of the underlying problems that led to the water intrusion is a waste of your time and money, so the scope of the project may include walls, floors, foundations, and crawl spaces.

If your home has a wet basement, the problem will continue to worsen until it’s thoroughly addressed by an expert such as Better Basements. Basement waterproofing in Des Moines should be high on your list of home improvements.

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