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If you’re seeing movement or bowing of the block wall(s) in your basement, it could be due to a number of issues – ground movement, moisture, expansive soil or even large tree roots could be the cause!  Movement or bowing is a common issue with block foundation walls. If the damage is discovered early on then professional wall bracing can be installed. The Crew at Better Basements has found that installing polished steel I-Beams inside the basement against the affected wall(s) causes little to no disturbance inside the basement with no disturbance to the area surrounding the house.

When extreme damage has been done, replacing the wall may be the best and only option! Most walls can be installed from the inside of the basement with minimal disturbance to the outside area. Not only can a new basement wall be more appealing, but a professionally installed block wall provides a stable foundation for the home and maintains the value of the home.


Block wall with extreme damage has been removed.

It’s been replaced with a new wall.  The home owner can rest easy!