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Basements have a reputation of harboring damp and musty atmospheres, making them prone to significant water damage. For most homeowners, this is reason enough to invest in basement waterproofing in Des Moines. Yet what most people don’t know is that some methods of waterproofing are not permanent, and are consequently ineffective at keeping water out. Instead of using quick fixes for waterproofing your basement, be sure to guard your home against water damage through more lasting solutions.



Risky Business

Unchecked water damage affects your floors and walls, and can even destroy indoor components made of materials like wood and steel. The basement, in particular, is at risk of getting damaged by water, which can eventually lead to a more severe problem like flooding. So before you basement finishing in your Des Moines home commences, make sure this area can stay dry by installing a permanent waterproofing solution.

Before It’s Too Late…

Spotting the early signs of water leaks in your home can save you from costly repair expenses. Be on the lookout for indicators. For instance, if you notice moisture or pools of water in your basement, check obvious sources like gutters and drainage systems for ruptures. Poor upkeep of these areas often causes the foundation to weaken, thereby letting water inside. If your basement does not yet have a waterproofing system in place, you would do well to find a contractor that can provide an effective countermeasure, like a sump pump system.

Get Pumped

A sump pump system is designed to collect any water that has infiltrated the basement. The system has four major parts, namely: the sump tank, the pump, the water collection unit, and the outlet drain. Water is collected by the drain system and is carried to the sump tank, which is buried underneath the basement. This process activates a float that signals the pump to turn on.

The sump pump is among the most effective basement waterproofing methods available from contractors like Better Basements. Once you have such a system installed, you can rest easy knowing that your basement can remain dry. Test your sump pump regularly to avoid any water damage problems in the future.

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