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Your home is your temple, and it’s something everyone can be proud of. We try to do everything possible to keep it intact and standing. Sometimes, however, there are problems that can cause permanent damage over time, especially if a problem requires foundation repair.

Foundation damage is often subtle, and most of the time we don’t realize it is happening. The main problem is that your house is subject to slow and steady damage that you might not notice in your daily life until it is too late. The following are some clues to tell whether or not you need foundation repair.

1. Difficulty with Doors

When the foundation settles, the house starts to move slightly off balance. The most noticeable sign that the foundation is settling comes from a common and frustrating problem that usually occurs with doors. After a while, a door might be harder to push into its frame, or it may need to be lifted so the knob locks into place.

Three Signs You Might Need Foundation Repair

During severe settling, the door may become impossible to close altogether. It may run up against the wood and scrape the paint off the frame. The problem is most noticeable on the second floor rather than the first, because the higher the house is, the more it will tilt when settling.

2.Cracking Walls

This problem is generally more ambiguous because it can point to a number of other problems as well. When the foundation is settling, the walls will crack. These cracks can be mistaken for problems with humidity that affect the paint or cracks from physical damage such as nailing the wall or putting in a fixture.

Foundational cracking is apparent when the cracks are small and run up the wall. These cracks will often show through the paint, but the paint will not peel or crumble around them unless the cracking is severe. Because wall cracks are so difficult to identify, the best solution is to call a foundation repair service.

3. Cracks in the Foundation

This is probably the least apparent problem and, therefore, the most difficult to identify in your day to day life, but it is easy to notice if you are specifically looking for it. Cracked foundations are the most obvious sign that your house is in need of repair. It is especially easy to identify if you have a basement.

From the outside, you will notice large cracks and even chunks of foundation on the ground. If you have a basement, the cracks may continue into the basement walls. If you start seeing chunks of foundation on the ground outside or on the floor in your basement, you should call a foundation repair service to inspect the building.

Signs of foundation damage are numerous and generally difficult to identify. Over time, you will start to notice these signs, and you’ll be able to spot them from a distance. The above three are just a few signs that you need foundation repair, but overall, you will need to request an inspection to be absolutely sure.