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If you see your house as an investment, then it is always worth considering ways to add value. One of these ways is to remodel and redesign your basement from a standard utility space into an additional living area.

Three Important Things to Consider About Basement Finishing

This can be a massive undertaking but well worth the expense. But, before you buy your pool table or a new sofa, you need to consider the kind of basement finishing you’ll need to ensure your new space remains comfortable and welcoming for as long as possible.


You might have a rough idea about what purpose you want the new space to fulfill. Some ideas may be a den, home cinema room, games room, or a relaxing space. Whatever your reason, it is important to consider how you want to divide the space.

During the planning, it is crucial that you are realistic with your plans as this can cause problems later on in the process.

Do you want to use all the space?

Are you planning to add walls or partitions?

Once you have a clear idea about your project, you can start thinking about basement finishing


This is an essential part of basement finishing, and if it is not done properly, there are likely to be problems in the future. Before you start, you need to thoroughly check the walls to see if there are any moisture problems. If you have had problems with water in the past, then this needs to be fixed before building any new walls.

Once you think you are ready to go, then you should think about sealing the exterior walls and what form of insulation you need to keep your new space dry and warm. Whatever you choose, you will need materials that will withstand humidity and any other water-related issues.


Another key element of basement finishing is the floor. As the basement floor is below ground, it is usually cooler and more susceptible to moisture. If you start a development without any work to the floor, then there will be a significant cost to the final project somewhere down the line.

You may want to add a beautiful carpet or wooden panels to your basement floor. This is an excellent idea, but it is important to add vapor barriers. These sit on the floor and your chosen surface, and can protect these surfaces from mold and moisture.

Whichever option you choose, before you install it, you need to make sure that the surface is level and properly sealed. This is especially true if your house is near a water source or in a humid area.

Getting Started

Turning your basement into a new living space is a sound investment, but it needs to be well-thought-out. Without preparing properly, your dream space could soon become a nightmare. However, this doesn’t need to happen. Using quality products, taking the time to plan, and getting help and advice from experts will help you to get the project finished in no time.