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The basement is a highly pragmatic extra space underneath the house that is often used for storage and utilities. If you feel like your basement space is being underutilized by using it as storage, you might be looking for ways to remodel the basement to make better use of the space. A basement remodeling project can do a lot to take advantage of the room’s potential.

There are lots of different rooms that you can turn a basement into. The following are just three ideas to turn your basement into a multi-purpose room.

1. Spare Bedroom

This is often the go-to way to repurpose your basement, especially if you have kids that will be coming back from college. The spare bedroom can be planned out with a bathroom as well to accommodate the person staying there. It is great for creating a separate living quarters for someone who needs to stay for an extended period of time at your home.

3 Great Remodeling Ideas for Your Basement

If you are thinking about putting in a bathroom, you will have to consider the plumbing as a factor and where it will run through the house. It could also present a risk for flooding. Remodeling the basement for a bedroom required additional considerations for extra ventilation as well, due to the fact that a person will be sleeping in there.

2. Entertainment Room

The entertainment room is probably the most commonly chosen way to carry out basement remodeling without having to change too much in the space itself. Most of the time, people just stick furniture that would go in an entertainment room down in the basement. However, a remodeling project should aim to create a space that looks more polished and less thrown together with spare parts.

Like a bedroom, it would probably be good to put in a bathroom, but it would only need to be a half bath. You should also consider extra installations such as power outlets and air conditioning.

3. The Office

Finally, those who often work from home will always need an extra space for a home office to put their equipment and take their calls. The basement offers an interesting opportunity to create a quiet and private space to work. However, to carry out this project you will need to consider the following.

First, there sometimes has to be a wired internet connection to the computer due to Wi-Fi problems arising once you go underground. Second, you should look into soundproofing the ceiling above because, depending on the floors in the house, there could be extra background noise from people walking about the house. Finally, you should look at making a second entrance or creating a more welcoming entrance to the basement if you take clients at home.

The basement is a great space that offers a wealth of opportunities for various projects to change the room’s purpose. Basement remodeling can vary quite a bit in cost depending on your plans, but an experienced basement design and construction company can help you every step of the way to create the best basement for you and your family.